Backflow Inspection and Repairs

Flowman Inspection and Repairs LLC

Common Backflow Systems

  • Reduce Pressure Principle Device (RP)
  • Double Check Assembly (DC)
  • Atmospheric Vacuum Breaker (AVB)
  • Pressure Vacuum Breaker (PVB)
  • Spill Resistant Pressure Vacuum Breaker (SVB)

Common Backflow repairs

  • Replace leaking check valves
  • Clean any foreign material in backflow device
  • Replace any damage seals/O-rings.


Domestic Backflow & Irrigation Inspections
1/2"-3.5" devices: $75 each
4" and larger: $100 each

A completed report will be submitted to the *AHJ and a copy will be provided to the customer via email or a paper copy.

Low Hazard and High Hazard Device Inspections. Multi-device/location discount offered.

Domestic Backflow & Irrigation Backflow Repairs Contact Us
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If a device is not passing on the initial inspection we can open it with your approval and see if it is a simple debris issue or a more extensive parts repair needed. If it is a simple debris issue and it passes on a re-test, there will be no charge. If we have the parts on hand it will just be an hourly rate until repair is complete. There is a 2-hour minimum on repairs that require new parts for a return repair.

3rd Party Vendor Fees
determined by Vendor

Some municipalities use a 3rd Party Records keeping company. They typically have a fee to be paid when submitting a report to their website. The two most commonly used Vendors are BSI and VEPO. It has been around $15 per report the last few years. The fee charged by any 3rd party Vendor will be passed to the customer.

Truck Charge | $50 ea. location

Starting Jan 1 2024 Credit Card Processing fee of 3%

*AHJ : Authority Having Jusidiction

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