Fire Hydrant Inspection

Flowman Inspection and Repairs LLC

Make sure your private fire hydrant is up to code

Maintenance and testing of fire hydrants on private property is the property owner's responsibility. Flowman Inspection and Repairs provides both annual inspections and initial tests required for new installations. Some things that are checked during an inspection include:

  • Inspect fire hydrant for obstructions that could interfere with its operation
  • Check for cracked or missing caps, leaky or broken nozzles, gaskets, and valves
  • Check for the correct ground hydrant height
  • Check for main valve leaks
  • Check the fire hydrant water flow using a pressure gauge

Report Completed and submitted to proper Authority Having Jusidiction upon completion

Fire Hydrant Repairs
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Dry Barrel Hydrant Repairs. We can replace the rubber gaskets on outlets and paint hydrants as needed. A report will be completed and submitted to proper *AHJ upon completion..

Fire Hydrant Inspections
$100 each

Report Completed and submitted to proper *AHJ upon completion.

Most common type located in Central Texas.

Truck Charge | $50 ea. location

Starting Jan 1 2024 Credit Card Processing fee of 3%

*AHJ : Authority Having Jusidiction

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